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Slovenia Frequently Asked Questions

What is is an AI-powered email writing tool that helps you write better emails, faster. It uses advanced artificial intelligence, trained on a massive dataset of emails, to generate relevant, engaging, and effective emails for any situation.

Wasn't once completely free?

Yes, was initially a free tool. However, as the user base grew, the costs of maintaining and improving the service increased. We introduced paid plans to ensure continued development and provide users with unlimited access and additional features.

What happens if I hit the free daily limit?

Reaching the daily limit means is proving valuable for your email writing needs! Consider upgrading to a premium plan for unlimited usage, access to the app writing platform with history support, early access to new features like the Chrome extension, and priority customer support. We offer plans for both individual and heavy email users, such as businesses.

Why does it take a few seconds to generate a response? analyzes your input and email context to craft the best possible response for your desired outcome. This thoughtful process ensures the highest quality output. While there may be a slight delay during peak usage times, we are constantly working to improve performance.

What are some specific use cases for can be used for a variety of email writing tasks, including:

  • Writing cold emails to potential clients or customers
  • Following up on proposals or inquiries
  • Sending thank you emails or other types of outreach emails
  • Writing marketing emails or newsletters
  • Responding to customer support inquiries
  • Writing personal emails to friends and family

Basically, can be used for any type of email that you need to write. It can help you save time, improve your email quality, and increase your response rate.

What is the AI Email Assistant?

The AI Email Assistant is a handy pop-up tool that provides insights and suggestions to help you write even more effective emails. It can help you close deals, build relationships, and achieve your desired outcomes.

When will the Chrome extension with Gmail support be released?

The Chrome extension is currently in closed beta and will be released soon. If you’re interested in early access, please contact us with your use case.

How can I customize the generated email? offers several customization settings to help you write the perfect email:

  • Mood: Set the desired mood of your email, such as confident, happy, or apologetic.
  • Length: Choose the desired length of your email, from very short to long.
  • Tone: Select the tone of your email, such as professional, casual, or humorous.
  • Emoji support: Enable or disable emoji usage in your email.
  • Language: Choose from over 10 supported languages, with auto-detect for your convenience.
  • Write as: Choose to write the email as yourself or emulate the style of famous figures like Bill Gates or Elon Musk.

Can't I just use ChatGPT to write similar emails?

While ChatGPT can be used for email writing, it may be more time-consuming and require more effort to achieve the desired results. is specifically fine-tuned for email writing and offers a more streamlined and efficient experience.

Can I use for business purposes?

Absolutely! You can use for any legitimate and ethical purpose, including business emails. There are no limitations on usage for legal and ethical activities.

We hope this FAQ section addresses your questions. If you have any further inquiries, please don't hesitate to contact us!